If I get this job I may seriously consider getting a pit bull. No one tell Allyn.

Finally just got around to ordering The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms because the AV Club recommended it and they wouldn’t dare lie to me. I’m excited to actually read some fantasy by a woman and it’s upsetting that I haven’t for so long.

Pure Heroin is basically the only album I’ve listened to for like 5 months and I have no regrets.


-I should prep for my phone interview.
-how do you prep for an interview?
-I need to shower.
-I wish I knew why my kitchen floor is so sticky.
-if today were a place it would be fart city population: megan.
-I really want to watch some adults play jeopardy. -the chairs are still there.

The most important thing I’ve learned on this website is in Canada wheel of fortune is on before jeopardy and that’s upsetting to me.

BREAKING: there’s a episode of celebrity wife swap on lifetime right now with flava flav and dee snyder.